What exactly in the phase one contaminated land report provides you?

phase 1 desktop study report

Contaminated land means the land which has increase Good risk diseases and also it will impact the health of the occupiers and the users of that particular area. Moreover it not only affect the humans who live in that area but also it affect the water resources so that whenever this water is taken it might affect the health of the people who stay there. In such cases there is a group of people who are undertake the service and provide report to the government especially the land report. The land report provided by this survey people will have they to show whether there are potential risk which will impact the health of the people who stay over there. So if you want to go through this land report visit phase 1 contaminated land assessment where you will get to know what are the potential risks associated in that area.


 This land report is especially given by the specialist and cross checked by local authorities, lenders, building controls thereby the report is given to the higher authorities in order to take action against this increased risk areas.

This land report not only helps the people of that area but also the environment of that area 1 this land report is submitted they will immediately take action that is by providing proper facilities in order to eliminate the potential risks associated in that area.

The national planning the policy framework first conduct this land report and then they take action against this in order to provide health to the people and also surrounding environment which is very crucial in order to maintain the stability of environment.

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