Points to remember while renovating your bathroom

renovating your bathroom

Bathroom Renos are an amazing way to spruce up your house and improve your mood in the morning. Waking up every morning and walking into a beautiful bathroom is like a dream come true. Though such tasks will take up your time and money, if invested carefully and in the proper things you will need, all is worth it. DIYing a bathroom renovation can be quite challenging yet rewarding. Let us look at the basics.

How to decide what to add and the budget?

Asking yourself and anybody sharing the bathroom questions will help you understand what is needed and what is not. Let us look at some questions to ask before starting a bathroom renovation.

  • How your daily routine proceeds: The layout and the things needed will depend on this. Whether you want a bathtub for daily use, a high-power shower, or something as simple as a second mirror, it all depends on that question.
  • Amount of storage needed: Adding shelves, cupboards, and even wall niches is a necessity, and its amount and extent should be decided early on in the project.
  • Amenities based on the number of people using the bathroom: The amount of storage and other things such as sinks and mirrors will also depend on the number of people using it.
  • Things you dislike about the current bathroom: This is necessary to ensure that the same things are not repeated in the new bathroom, thus ruining the purpose.
  • Your budget: This is the most important part. After going through all the above questions, you will have an approximate amount of stuff needed, and you need to fit it into your budget.

renovating your bathroom

Some important things to know and understand

Understanding the basics of the things used in a bathroom is the key to a successful project. The basics of a shower/tub:

  • A shower has been all the rage nowadays as it is quicker and better at cleansing the body. Though if you want a tub to experience the relaxing powers of it, a shower/tub combo is a great option, especially if the bathroom is not big enough to accommodate both.

Other things needed in a shower/tub are:

  • Curtains/glass doors/no doors depending on your preference.
  • Thermostatic water controller.

Other things, such as the tiles used, storage equipment and spaces, wallpaper, etc., make a bathroom look wonderful and pull it all together. Renovating your bathroom with the help of friends and family is a great fun project to take on while also achieving your dream bathroom on a limited budget.

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